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17 June 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Everyone's out, and I'm stuck.  
Good news! Two days ago, I was finally able to sign up at Yamaha Music School! Man, now I can relax easily. I'll be taking piano lessons at home, though my first lesson will begin on 3rd of July... which means I still have 3 weeks left. I'm a bit disappointed, since I expected to have them right away during the holidays but no. Guess I'm too eager, huh. 
And, I wonder who'll be my teacher -- a girl, maybe? Or a guy? Or maybe an old lady? I hope it's a girl... Because, if it is an old woman, then I better be off screwed. Long story short, I hate being around temperamental folks while being badly lectured. They give me some really unnecessary memories of my past encounters, you know?
If it is a guy, well, I don't wanna know. 80% of male population in this country are damn awkward, which then makes me awkward when I'm around them. What happened to the other 20%? They're either taken or yet to be discovered. You know how it goes. So, yeah, if my teacher will be a guy, then I guess things will go strange -- and I don't spend my money for some 30 minutes of awkward session once a week.
Oh well, I'm over-thinking about this. I just hope I'll get a nice one.

Leaving my piano lessons things aside, you know what I need next? A vacation. A good, long, pleasurable vacation. Come on, it's the 'summer holidays' and I don't get a break from all those heaps of exams? Not that this place has summer -- more like, dry season. But, still, it'd be nice if I have the chance to visit some places that I haven't gone to before. Back in my days when I lived in Spain, I already travelled around the whole country. Barcelona, Toledo, Granada, Galicia... almost all of the small villages and cities. Summer in Spain felt like heaven. And when I lived in UAE, well, there weren't a lot of places I could go to -- except Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the dessert. But, I still had all the freedom I wanted to travel to all those places. It also felt like heaven, except the fact that it was more like heaven on a fry pan than cool heaven. 
But here, the farthest place I went to is Padang Panjang. Too bad I didn't have the chance to actually look at the scenery, because that place is really cool and green. I hope I'll go there once again. 
Bandung is another nice city I've gone to, but... something was missing. I can't point out what it is. Well, the only things I enjoyed doing there was shopping and eating. I could have done the same thing in Jakarta, but stuff are a bit better there in Bandung.
This summer holiday, I'm planning to go to Tanjung Lesung or Pangandaran. Those places are certainly awesome for landscape photography and my 365 Days project. But, I'm trying to find out a way to convince my dad to take me to one of the locations. I just want to get out of town, getting some real fresh air, you know.
One at a time, I guess.
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